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EVX Store is one of EVX's most popular lines. This particular EVX store features an online superstore. The Superstore has an extensive amount of EVX memorabilia and other EVX products. It also sells EVX parts and accessories.

The store location is located in Vantaa, Finland. Suomi, which translates to "soil" in English, is the company's farming community. As such, the store location is located near a farm, and it features greenhouses. Other items sold in this EVX Store Suomi location include EVX tools and vehicles, EVX radio and equipment, EVX chargers and batteries, and many more.

Suomi's Gift Shop caters to a variety of individual interests. Most items in this store are reasonably priced. Some of the gift items include EVX manuals, EVX replacement parts, EVX chargers, EVX fans, and many more. The store's gift shop is located inside the store. Here, individuals can browse through a wide selection of gifts, including gifts for EVX enthusiasts.

EVX's factory outlet stores offer a wide range of products. The EVX Superstore, for example, offers a large selection of EVX batteries and chargers. The store location in Vantaa is located next to EVX's factory outlet store. Individuals interested in EVX memorabilia and other EVX products may find these locations very interesting. However, if they plan on purchasing anything else from EVX, they should do so at EVX's authorized stores.